How Unique Article Wizard Works

Unique Article Wizard is a very popular article submission service that has been online for about 3 years. With a network of over 20,000 blogs, niche websites and directories UAW is more than just than a directory submission service. For a reasonably monthly price UAW allows you to send unlimited amounts of articles through their service.

Each article you submit gets review by a human editor before being approve for submission ensuring the quality of the service. Usually you article gets approved within 24 hours and then the submission process begins. You can choose how fast you want to distribute your articles, and you can have as many pen names, resource boxes as you want. Each article gets an average of about 250 submissions each can have up to two anchor text links back to your site giving you enormous amounts of backlinks which will result in higher search engine listings for you.

No other submission service submits to as many sites, blogs and directories than UAW. With UAW you save yourself from having to create accounts on hundreds of directories because UAW does this for you. You will need to submit your article plus 2 spun versions of your articles, this will help UAW spin your article into hundreds of unique versions to ensure each submission is unique and gets counted as a backlink from the search engines avoiding duplicate content.

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Unique Article Wizard Tips To High Google Rankings

Okay, so now that you know a little more of how UAW works, you probably have a better understanding of what you need to do in order to dominate top Google results.

Still, like I said before I been a member for quite a while now and I discovered some techniques that will get you better rankings to your website at a much faster rate and of course maintain those results for long term profits.

Tip #1 : If you hate writing articles like I do, you can find people who will do it for you, I recommend you visit there you will be able to find ghost writers who will write 300-500 words articles on any niche you like for about $2-$3 per article depending on your specifications. You can also use Article Builder.

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Tip #2 : If you are trying to index a new website I suggest you start with 4 articles initially with a rate of about 10 submissions each per day. Once your website is indexed by Google, then continue you article submissions, in order to keep a normal flow of backlinks to your website I recommend you sent at least 3-5 articles weekly for each site you are promoting using UAW. Even if you acquire a top position for your website it is important to keep building backlinks regularly to maintain that position.

Tip #3: Do not archive articles, older articles that you have already submitted you can re-submit them every once in a while, I recommend you resend older articles every 30-45 days so they can be submitted to new directories and websites recently added by UAW.

Tip #4: Rotate your pen names as much as possible, use a different credible name because you want submissions to look natural from different users.

Tip #5: Get the most out of each article and place 2 anchor text links for each article you submit through UAW. You also need to diversify your anchor text so use multiple keywords in each resource box.

Tip #6: Try to submit around 15-25 articles through Unique Article Wizard per month for each website you want to rank for in Google, if you keep your submissions the same each month you will see natural results from Google keeping a balance ratio of backlinks each month. Remember one article can contain 2 links to two different websites.

Tip #7: I recommend you start to use the EASY WIZARD which is less confusing and more organized for the task.

Once you are dominating the top result for your keyword phrase then you can maintain the position on Google by submitting less articles each month for that site or simply resending older articles.


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